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This blog will be dedicated to the Dacor brand of kitchen appliances. I want this to be an unbiased source for information, opinions, and ideas.



  1. I purchased a Dacor wall oven, a Dacor cooktop and a Dacor microwave. I paid more than $5,300 for these appliances.

    I have had nothing but trouble with them. The color (paint?) on the microwave and the cooktop flaked when they were ab out seven months old. Dacor told me to go to Home Depost and spray paint them. I persisted; it replaced the microwave and the surface of the cooktop.

    The new microwave is beginning to flake again.

    The wall oven! I don’t even want to go into detail about all the problems I have had with it, but suffice it to say, they have not been rectified. The repairperson is out here frequently.

    Dacor has very serious quality problem. Although it attempts to fix the appliances, they never get them fixed. The manuals tout the advanced features of the appliances. It would be nice if they worked. Their advanced features are dreams, not reality.

    • I’m working on a high-end house, preparing it for market. It has all Dacor appliances, and with the exception of the wall oven, every one of them has broken down — and this is in a house where only one person has lived, for one year, since they were installed. INCREDIBLE. The cooktop works not at all. The refrigerator’s sealed system, the major workhorse of compression, failed so that no cooling takes place. The dishwasher racks and basket have entirely lost their lustre and look dingy (and this is in a home with a good water purifier). The venthood developed a condition that looked like grease build up ON THE STRAIGHT STACK ABOVE THE HOOD FLANGE — in other words, in an area where grease couldn’t possibly reach. Turns out it is actually some type of proto-rust, according to Dacor. They tried to blame it on the air around here (DC suburbs) but the fact is that the lower part of the hood shows no such staining. And nothing will remove it. We’ve had two sets of professionals try, but no luck, so here is this ugly looking appliance right smack in the middle of the kitchen on the island. They basically used a crappier variety of stainless on the upper portion than on the lower one, and it didn’t age well. The microwave is strong enough but continually displays this ever-changing inane readout of different recipes to try. These items were manufactured in mid-2007 but were only purchased and installed in 2009. I would not have believed it had I not seen it. What a bunch of expensive junk. No one should get involved with it.

  2. I’m surprised at the trouble you are having. What trouble are you having with the wall oven?

  3. OMG! I just sent a very long email to the compiler of this blog detailing some of the problems I’ve had:

    *self-cleaning feature blasts food particles into the layers of glass comprising the oven door. filthy after cleaning!

    *control panel has not worked although repairperson has been to my house to fix it. The oven goes into the “Hold” mode before the oven reaches the cooking temperature. For example, oven stops heating when the internal temp of turkey breast is 150. It never gets to 170 as the manual says it should. So my meat is never fully cooked. I end up cancelling the pure-convection-sear mode and setting the oven to bake. Needless to say, we eat accompaniments first; maybe an hour later, the meat is done.

    Dacor has attempted to help me, but it’s like the appliances have minds of their own. When one problem is fixed, a new one surfaces.

    Or in the latest case, the feature worked for one cycle and the next time I attempted to use it, it reverted to the old problem.

    And these are just a few of the problems. When I read people praising their Dacor appliances, I think, “Mine sure don’t work like that!”

    Additionally, difference people at Dacor tell me different things. For example, extended warranties, which I never buy. I did buy Dacor’s because the repairperson had been to my house so frequently during the first year I owned them. One person at Dacor told me that it does not offer three-year extended warranties after I paid $399 for the wall oven three-year warranty and $249 for the three-year warranty for the cooktop.

    Additionally, I have called many times and it has no record of my warranties or proof of installation.
    My last email from the customer service supervisor said that she had turned the control panel problem over to quality to see what they would do about it. Quality must be scrambling to find a fix as it did the first time I reported the control panel problem. I waited five weeks for the “fix” which worked for one iteration.

    All the while the extended warranty is ticking.

    It goes on and on.

  4. I have been in contact with Dacor customer service representatives and they are working to resolve your issues. Dacor is a company committed to their customers, so I knew that they would take care of you. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Well misery does love company and we too have had a miserable experience with our Dacor range starting about 5 months after it was installed in 1998. As of today, we’ve had service on the range 15 times at a cost of $1929 after our warranty expired. The computer (ERC board) has ben replaced twice, the most recent being 8/1/08 only to have the keypad break on the same day causing the serviceman to return today. I was told by both the serviceman and his boss to call Dacor and advise them of our list of problems as surely they would consider paying for the keypad given all the troubles we have had. I had my list ready, called the customer rep who responded coldly by telling me that there was no way Dacor would or could help us out given that our range was 10 years old and an ‘appliance’s average life is only 10 years old’ regardless if one spent over $5000 for the appliance! The rep did offer to make a file of our complaints and problems which she did, again with an attitude. We have never felt that Dacor has ‘been committed to their customers’ and have experienced quite the opposite over the years. Our serviceman has told us repeatedly that our model was the first of it’s kind and that Dacor has learned a lot from the mistakes it made on this model! From the above described story, I’m not sure that is even true. Being quite frustrated by the indifference of the company, I was pleased to find a blog so at least some people out there considering a Dacor will be forewarned and if they buy, then be prepared for a possible discouraging and frustrating experience.

  6. Hopefully a little closure for Judy: I believe that Dacor management got involved in her case and helped address her issues. I’d like to hear one more post from Judy about how things finished up.

    Concerning Karen: I passed along your comment to Dacor. Let’s see what happens.

  7. i got a call yesterday telling me that the price for one of the lightbulbs i need as replacements in my dacor oven will be $66…what a ripoff!…and to get the bulbs in and out takes a rocket scientist!…

    the control panel rarely works…

  8. You bring up two issues here. First is the high price of a replacement oven light. Oven lights are expensive–whether they are for Dacor or not. I just did a quick search for oven light bulbs on ElectricianSupplies and found A15 and A23 bulbs for $140-$150 apiece.

    Your second issue is that your “control panel rarely works”. You really haven’t provided enough information about this for continued conversation. Is it an ongoing or intermittent problem? Have you contacted Dacor? Have they been responsive?

  9. I have a Dacor double wall oven that is 1.5 years old. Recently BOTH upper oven lights went out at the same time. I bought the expensive bulbs from an authorized dealer and got them in, and they still do not work. After reading many entries, I fear I’m heading down the dark alley of control panel problems. Any comments/advice?

  10. Hi VS,
    Have you called their customer service department? They are very responsive. In the meantime, I will send your information to people I know at Dacor, also.

  11. My Decor oven is ticking . . . ticking . . . ticking . . . every time i use the oven part, not the stove top, it ticks for three or four days . . . help please . . . it is driving me crazy . . . it’s a ticking like a clock on a timer … wtf . . .

  12. Hi Oskar,
    Have you contacted anyone from Dacor yet? Their corporate customer service department is very responsive. What model Dacor range do you have?

  13. I purchased a Dacon ERD 36 in 2002.
    Recently the time and temp settings has decided it doesn’t want to work any more.
    How difficult is this to replace?
    My model # is FD1481193.

  14. You should contact Dacor’s customer service department. They can direct you to a local representative to fix it.

    • Beverl;y Herring
    • Posted November 4, 2008 at 12:03 pm
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    In november of 2000 our kitchen was totally gutted and remodeled- as this will most likely be my last kitchen I allotted budget for what I thought was quality appliances, installing a Dacor electric cooktop and wall oven. You can find all my info in the Dacor customer service database. My first cooktop came shattered and had to be replaced but Dacor was good to us and we received it before Thanksgiving. After about 14 months of use the finish started rubbing off the large burner on the ceramic glass top. I never cleaned it with anything except the proper cleaner. I contacted Dacor and was told it was not in warranty-after paying such a price for the cooktop I persisted and was told to send them pictures- I did- a tech came out and looked at it- It was not anything cooked on the glass- the grey speckled finish actually rubbed off. Dacor offered to sell me a replacement glass top for cost which we took them up on as we had this brand new kitchen and such a horrible looking cooktop. Two more years went by and the same thing started happening again- I was so frustrated I just continued to use the cooktop and hide the burner with the teapot. Now the cooktop is 8 years old and the electronics have started to fail. I never know which burner is going to turn on or if it will work at all. It beeps when no one is in the kitchen. I talked to Dacor today. I started with tech support who suggested I talk to customer service. I spoke with Nhi in Customer service who offered no assistance except to give me the name of a dealer where I can go purchase a new cooktop. I am having trouble finding another brand of electric cooktop that will fit into the existing cutout- I have Corian countertops and it would be cost prohibitive to change out the countertop.
    I believe Dacor owes me some consideration- A cooktop in this price range should give better service for many more years than this one. My family has been grown for some time and my appliances do not even get heavy use. I dread the prospect of being forced to put yet another Dacor cooktop in my kitchen because of my cutout not knowing how long it may last. The model cooktop I have is ETT 304- installed first time 11-24-2000 Tom and Beverly Herring 5334 Ironwood Dr NW Abq. NM 87114 I would like to know if any changes have been made that would give me any more confidence that I am not throwing more money out the window with Dacor and would certainly like to be given some consideration if I was to decide to purchase another unit.

  15. Hi Beverly,

    I sounds like you have a valid frustration. I passed along your post to people at Dacor. Please keep me posted here to let me know if they’ve helped you.

  16. My decor oven is locked up after the self cleaning cycle. The F8 message is flashing and the manual says we need service on the door latch mechanism. Problem is that their service reps are over 3 hours away. Any Ideas on how to get the door opened without waiting several days and paying a fortune for travel time. Need to get working for Thanksgiving. sad shape!!

  17. Hi Greg,

    With such short notice, you might want to try some of the self-repair appliance sites. Looking around, I did notice a couple of possible answers for you.

    On, someone talks about the high temperature sensor being tripped. It looks like it’s a pretty easy task to reset the switch.

    Also on is a comment about a reset button.

    On, there is another post about the door latch mechanism.

    On, it confirms the the problem is with the door lock switches and wiring.

    I’m not sure but there might also be information on the Dacor ( site itself.

    Hope this helps.


  18. I made the mistake of buying a Dacor gas range and taking it with me to Israel. My thought was to buy something high-end that would need little maintenance. What was I thinking. Beginning from the end of the first year, the appliance has been gradually dying. I have replaced many parts, such as the control board (yes, I too had the F1 error code that would not stop). The inside enamel is all flaked off. The self-cleaning cannot be used because of a glitch with the door locking mechanism. The handle of the door is not not closing (much of the plastic cracked over time).
    My general assessment is that these products are both poorly designed and built. They incorporate needless complexity in functions that ultimately fail. This was to have been my dream oven and instead has become my nightmare.

  19. Like, Judy Johnson, I am having problems with the Convection Sear mode as it turns off before my meat is done. I’ve made several pork loin roasts and none of them have cooked to the temperature I set. Further, I haven’t had anything bake properly in it as it’s so uneven and baked goods don’t rise as they should. I’m really regretting purchasing this Millenium oven and wish I had gotten the Wolfe oven or a cheaper brand that works.

  20. What has your experience been with Dacor customer service? My oven is relatively new, but I have had no trouble with any function. It cooks great and I love all of the features and details that went into it. (I have the 30-inch Epicure dual-fuel range.)

  21. Glad to find this site and hoping to get some direction. I had a horrible experience with Dacor customer service (escalated the issue twice and still awaiting a call back)in regard to covering service/part for a mircro defect that they agreed to reimburse me for. Is there a location where one can find a corporate level (i.e. Regional Service Director or VP) to write to?

  22. Hi Kristin,

    I’m working to get you a corporate name. I should be able to post back within 24-48 hours.

  23. Where do I begin. Kitchen was remodeled 2 years ago. Since then indicator lights on my Dacor cooktop no longer work. I have already replaced a motorized part to my fridge. My lower wall oven (used twice in two years) developed a crack in the glass covering the heating element. Had to replace that.

    Now my double wall oven has the infamous “L60 Error” code. Two days before Christmas. We got a Dacor authorized tech to come out and it turns out I may need 2 cooling fans and 2 circuit boards ($$$) to get my lower oven working again (he talked to Dacor tech support). I have emailed Dacor looking for answers, I have faxed Dacor looking for answers and received none. My wife has been working the phone and finally talked to a CSR. Very nice but minimal help.

    FOr a $5000 oven that has been used twice I am looking for a little satisfaction. Satisfaction being defined as Dacor stepping up and paying for these parts. Out of warranty or not.

    • Hi Rick,
      You do seem to have had bad luck. I will pass along your information to people at Dacor to see what can be done.

    • I was talked into the new dacor ovens two years ago because it was suppose to be the best.
      I am disgusted after 2 years it is going to cost me over $500.00 to fix a cooling fan. I think an oven should last more than two years. I would never buy a dacor product after reading about all the problems. My next appliance I buy I will not be buying a Dacor.
      I have found at least three posts of people with the same problem and Dacor still won’t do anything about it.

  24. You might wonder why anyone would choose to write a complaint on Christmas day. I’m sitting here with half baked bread and a pie that is black on the outside and raw on the inside. It’s because this is the fifth major holiday that my Dacor oven has been on the blink. Today, the oven is up to its old trick of fluctuating temperatures. I, also, bought the Dacor Epicure 30″ duel fuel range in 2001 and it has been one repair mess after another. At first, the oven needed major repairs every time it was cleaned because the oven would not work afterward. This problem was finally fixed after two years. We then replaced a shattered oven door window. We’ve had the oven repaired twice because it did not keep the correct temperature. We’ve replaced the lower oven element when it blew out. We’ve had the igniters on the cooktop replaced because they would not work. Still I frequently have to hand light the top burners with a match. At $3,700, this was a major investment for my family so just replacing it was not an option. And, yes, Dacor helped us along while it was on warranty. This, however, did nothing to stop the ongoing problems.
    So, ask me if I’ll ever by a Dacor anything again.

  25. Hi Janice,
    It’s unfortunate that you’ve had difficulties with your Epicure 30″ dual fuel range. I don’t know what the differences are between the 2001 and the 2008 models, but I really love my range and it works great. I think you should present your case to someone at Dacor so they can see your whole history. I will pass your information along to people at corporate.

  26. Thanks for your response. I forgot to mention that we also replaced the broiler. I listed all of the difficulties we’ve had with this range in August of 2005 and sent it to Dacor’s customer service, CEO, and Pres. They were not impressed, however, because the range was four years old at the time and off warranty. They did, at that time, pay for the parts needed to fix the broiler, which I appreciated. The limited help we received from Dacor just after the warranty ran out was nice, but it did not stop my frustration with the ongoing problems–just my letters to the company. On a more upbeat note, it’s a nice range–when it works. You just can’t always rely on it and I cook every day and like to bake.

  27. My Dacor Convection oven flashed “door” continually after I started the self-cleaning process. I turned the oven off and now cannot get the door open. Any suggestions?

    • Your safest best is to contact Dacor customer service and get an authorized repairman to look at it. Dacor obviously doesn’t recommend or warrant people making self-repairs. However, there are a few appliance self-service sites on the internet if you intend to go it alone.

  28. Well, thanks to the assistance I got from this blog I am close to resolution with Dacor on my microwave issue (the convection motor was defective so the oven sort of cooked on convection but not very well). I was having trouble getting a call back from Dacor but thanks to having my issue escalated to the right person, the manager finally called me back. She had told me she had misplaced my message to her and found it again. She apologized profusely for her delay in getting back to me and listened to my issue as well as my experience with her phone reps. She said what they would normally do in the case of a defective part would be to pay for half of the cost of the part (they do not cover any costs for the service call) and that would be it. But given my experience with the customer service, and her own delay in getting back to me, she agreed to pay for half of the cost of the total bill to replace the part and the service call (the total bill came to $210.00). I felt that was a fair considering I made an error myself. During the span of time while I had been calling Dacor back repeatedly to find out what the status on my issue was, I got a call from my service guy saying he wanted to come out and replace the part (he had come out for the original assessment of the problem and said I could wait to pay him for that visit until he came back to install the new part, that way I could take the issue up with Dacor). My mistake was in allowing the service guy to replace the part because I had assumed Dacor had been in communication with him (someone spoke briefly to the service guy but the issue had not been settled yet). So because I had been trying to get Dacor to follow up with the service guy, I assumed that when the service guy suddenly called me to schedule a time to come out and replace the part, that my pestering of the Dacor reps had finally worked. Bad assumption. So now I was stuck with an invoice and Dacor was saying that because I authorized the guy to fix it, they could not reimburse me for any of it. So my escalation efforts began again. The first person I spoke to about the issue was very clearly not going to say anything but “no” and took no accountability for the poor communication that came from the other reps I spoke with. When I did finally get to that person’s manager, she took full ownership of the communication failures and made it her goal to try and restore my faith in Dacor. She did. I am not thrilled that Dacor’s policy for a defective part on a 2 year old oven is only covering half the cost of a part, but at least I received a fair resolution to my problem.

  29. After reading about everyone’s problems I guess I’ve been lucky – even though it seems to have run out. I installed Dacor convection wall oven in 2003 and, although I don’t bake often, have had no problems until now. This morning the oven light started flashing off & on and it only stops when I hold the “light” switch on the control panel. The position of the door has no effect. I’m hesitant to replace the control panel after reading all these entries, but the Morris code of the flashing/clicking light is driving me nuts!! if this is the beginning of the end, would I be better off cutting my losses & replace the oven? Any advice using your 20/20 hindsight?

    • Our wall oven just developed the same Morse code light swithching problem. How did you ultimately solve it?

  30. OK!! Disconnected power at the CB so I can at least think without the clicking.

  31. I have a Dacor DCM25S built in microwave that has been a huge disappointment since we installed it in 2004. It’s a very expensive 900 watt machine that will barely cook popcorn. It has had very little use. Today the door latch broke leaving the door permantly closed. I removed the oven from cabinet and disassembled the case. After much effort I was able to open the door from the inside only to discover the extent of the problem. The door lower latch arm had snapped off flush with the inside of the door leaving the oven useless. The whole door will have to be disassembled in order to perform the latch assembly replacement, that’s if I can even find parts. I think I’m giving up on Dacor just going out to find another brand.

  32. Hi Shirley and Buster,

    Both of you should contact Dacor directly. You have high-end products that should function as such. Even though Dacor (and most other high end appliance brands) OEM their microwaves, they should still function well. Moreover, Dacor is committed to its products, whether directly manufactured or OEM’d. So contact them directly.

  33. Regarding my earlier post, I found a 1200 watt Stainless Steel LG Microwave that perfectly fit the Dacor enclosure and was 1/5th cost. The LG is now installed and working perfectly and the Dacor is headed for the dumpster.

  34. I have a less than 2 year old Dacor dishwasher (which was actually a warranty replacement for my previous defective Dacor dishwasher). The rubber coated top rack is rusting badly. I contacted customer service. The rep told me it is out of Warranty but to send photos of the rust, which I did immediately. It has now been a week. My calls and emails to the rep are not being returned. I think it is ridiculous that a dishwasher rack should even be made of a metal capable of rusting (really Dacor, ever hear of stainless steel). I worry that Dacor is more concerned with profit than actual quality. I am also really concerned because all of my appliances are
    Dacor. I have also had problems with my Microwave.

  35. It should also be noted that Dacor has a “D” rating with the Better Business Bureau

  36. Hi Kevin,

    I agree with you that you should not be having that kind of issue. Do you know the name of the rep whom you have contacted and who hasn’t gotten back to you? I’ll forward your information to my contacts at Dacor and see what’s going on.

  37. Thanks, it was a funny thing… The rep (Erica) finally got back to me yesterday and is sending a new rack from their new rack mfg. (Dacor admits there have been problems with rust) at no charge. If you had anything to do with this, I thank you.

  38. Glad to have found this site. I’m in the middle of preparing a letter to Dacor Customer Service, but thought perhaps I’d give this venue a shot. We had a home renovation in 2005, and had the kitchen gutted and remodeled from the ground up. We purchased a Dacor wall oven, glass cooktop and vent (hidden, until used), along with the DMT2420B microwave, which was installed in the wall above the wall oven. We’ve had nothing but problems with this microwave — attempt to open the door, and the unit turns on (two service calls, and it still sporadically does this), and now the keypad works, light comes on but the rest of the unit never comes on (no fan either). I have an extended warranty through Expo Design Center — I believe it’s a GE service warranty. I can’t get these folks to get me a reliable service call. The folks they have listed as ‘handling’ this call, have not been contacted at all. This is going on two weeks now, and I’m getting pretty perturbed.. any advice? How about a contact at Dacor that I can speak with?

  39. Hi Kathy,

    I forwarded a notice to Dacor management about your post. If you have an extended warranty, your issues should be resolved quickly.

  40. Please help me with what I believe is a safety issue. One of the screws fell out of the heating element on the top of my oven and landed in a casserole I was making. My oven is out of warranty, but I believe Dacor needs to come out and check all the screws to make sure others won’t fall out too. The screw was buried in the casserole and my husband bit it. If it was one of my grandchildren, there could have been serious problems. Customer service is ignoring me. Judy

  41. Great Blog – I was creating my own but now I’ll use this one.

    Dacor products – Look cool, cost a bundle and fail often.

    Dishwasher – $1600 for something that doesn’t clean or dry.

    Microwave – $800 for a unit that the circuit board has fried twice in 2 years.

    Oven – Hinges already weakened after 50 uses.

    Dacor Customer Service – 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. Not responsive. Provide weak excuses for their product failures. Unwilling to stand by their product with proper repairs or replacements.

    My wife and I chose Dacor when we completely remodeled our kitchen. Of the $80k we spent, we only regret the $10k spent with these products.

    Sorry to be so harse, but we have gotten little support from the normal means of Customer Service.


  43. As I mentioned in response to your comment to one of my other posts, I’ll pass this along to my contacts at Dacor and let’s see what they do. They do have a strong focus on customer service and I’d be surprised if you don’t receive a positive response.

  44. I am glad that I found this website. I live in New Orleans and after Katrina I had to completely gut and renovate my kitchen. I was was extremely worried about my house and resale value and I wanted to make sure that I had good appliances. I am not a wealthy person and I went out on a limb and bought Dacor because the cabinet people said that they were an excellent company. I thought that I could save money on repairs. I spent all my money and all the money from insurance on redoing my house as contracting prices doubled after the storm. I was so excited that I finally had appliances that worked. Not for long. I am now washing dishes by hand and my microwave door does not shut. My appliances are exactly one year three months old. The control panel on the Dacor dishwasher must be replaced and the price I was quoted for the repair was $1,200.00 A new Dacor dishwasher would cost about that much!!!! I was utterly shocked. I found out that the cost of the warranty extension Dacor Protection (against what? Against the fact that you cannot make a decent product!!!!) was exorbitant and over the course of the product more than I thought I would have to pay for repairs. When you sell these products in the future please let people know that repairs cost more than the product. The price to fix the spring on the Microwave is $500.00!! A new microwave, even the best brands are no more than $600.00. It has been a long three years and I am tired. I have no money and cannot afford to replace or pay for repairs on parts that may break again. This company should be reported to the better business bureau and someone with some ethical and moral beliefs inside the company should blow the whistle. We are real people with real lives and we are being hurt. Today when I found out how much it would cost to repair everything, I cried in front of my fourteen year old son. How are you all getting away with this. When I called Dacor, they said they would look into the costs. My only other option is to put the Dacor appliances on the street corner, and go to Home Depot or Sears and buy a Maytag or Whirlpool or Kenmore that is built to last. But before I do this, I want my money back.

  45. We purchased a Dacor wall oven model #MOH130S a little more than 1 year ago. We previously had a Dacor oven when we purchased our home and never really had any issues so we decided to replace it with a new one.

    The oven control board does not work, it had blue lines through it and the cooling fan was running for no reason. Had our technician out and we need a cooling resistor, cooling fan and relay board, all of which costs $2,000!!!! That’s 50% of the oven purchase price in a little more than 1 year. We are working with customer service, frankly they should pay for the entire cost of replacing the parts since the oven is a little more than 1 year old and we use it on average 2-3 times per week at the most.

  46. Follow up to my previous post-

    Dacor Customer Service called and said they would provide free of charge the cooling resistor and cooling fan however, the relay board will cost $350 (their cost). This is unacceptable to me but I do not have any other choice but to accept it. The replaced parts will carry a 1 year warranty. By the time it is done, it will cost $500, including labor, shipping and tax, all for a oven that is JUST A LITTLE OVER ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!

    I am weighing whether to contact the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint. One thing is for sure, if I ever replace my oven, or am asked my opinion about ovens from anyone, know this: I will never endorse or purchase from Dacor again.

  47. I have a question I hope can be answered easily, my control panel show only a number 5. Can I reset it or do I need service?

  48. Hi Lynn,

    Try resetting it. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll probably need to contact Dacor.

  49. Thank you so much for helping to resolve my issue with the screw that fell out of my heating element and into a casserole. When I contacted Dacor, I received a dismissive email saying I was out of warranty. After you intervened, I got a phone call and they sent a service man out to fix it. He says the screws are set by machine so they can loosen. I’ve had five ovens in my long lifetime and never had this happen. Anyway, thank you for helping me get this resolved. Judy

  50. I just wanted to give you an update regarding my Dacor dishwasher and the rusty racks.
    Dacor did send me a new top rack. This rack to my surprise must be retrofitted to my dishwasher. Holes must be drilled inside the machine, metal panels installed, then the actual rack.
    I immediately called Dacor’s customer service and informed them that there was no way I was going to drill holes in my dishwasher. The rep put me on hold, then came back and told me she had made a mistake and would try to get authorization to send a technician out to install the rack. she stated that she would contact me the next day.
    Well, it has now been 2 weeks, and still no word from Dacor. I have sent 2 emails requesting follow up, but nothing.
    In my opinion this company is one of the very worst I have ever dealt with, bar none. Their products are all style and very little quality. If there are as many dissatisfied Dacor customers out there as I suspect there might be, I don’t feel a class action suit would be out of line.
    I am a flooring contractor dealing with the high end custom home market. You can bet that every one of my customers is going to hear about my experience with Dacor.
    I am going to file a complain

  51. I am with you Kevin. I have a Dacor Kitchen Entertainment Center that cost me $2,700.00. Our builder put it in (custom Home)on July 2007. We moved in September 1st, 2007. On February 4, of 2009 we were have problems such as the circuit and power board needing to be replaced. I was advised by a rep from Dacor offices today 4/3 after that were is no one in our area and I would have to send back to Dacor and they had someone who would be able to fix it for $700, the fed ex would be at our expense, plus I was to give a credit card # over the phone to him and he would see that it would get fixed. My you we have been going around and around about this since February 2009. This company is not reputable in my book because of the simple fact from not only my problem with my entertainment center, but everyone else on this blog. As to the Dacor rep who responds to this I say BS. I have had enough. To think you can only operate something for about a year and six months and the boards are bad. Shame on you DACOR and yes a letter is already in the mail to your CEO. But what am I going to do with your piece of JUNK. Hummmmmmm!!!!! along with my $2700 loss.

    • Marilyn,

      Did you write the CEO of Dacor about the problem with the DKEC? Did they respond? I am having the same problem and was told the exact thing as you about the credit card and cost of repairs. The internet on my DKEC only worked for a few hours even after I paid an additional $100.00 to get a wireless card from them. I was also told the company that made these for them has gone out if business. I cannot believe that a company such as Dacor would just leave customers hanging like this.

        • Nancy
        • Posted June 11, 2010 at 10:03 pm
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        I have been living with a dead entertainment center for over a year. I got the same run around you did and mine lasted about the same length of time. I am also furious but what can we do? I have stuck it back into the cabinet cutout for it (it is long) so people think I have something that works!

    • Has ANYONE had any luck with getting a repair on the Dacor Kitchen Entertainment Center? Looks like everyone has had the same “death” experience with it. I see why they quit making it. If nothing else, I’d like to resuscitate it just long enough to get my favorite YANNI DVD out of the darn machine!
      Jaime in Ohio

    • I have just had my third entertainment center (DKEC24S) fail in exactly the same way as the previous two, and apparently in the same way as everyone else’s. Each of them failed after about 1-1/2 to 2 years of operation, with the power light glowing a reddish-yellow color and a static/buzzing sound coming from the speakers. Needless to say, the warranty had already expired on each of them.

      I know my way around the insides of a PC, so I disassembled one to try to see if there was an obvious problem (thinking it might be power supply related), but the power supply was good and there was nothing else that I could find wrong.

      I also noticed that from Day 1, when the unit is off (but still plugged in) it is very warm to the touch. Mounting it under a cabinet with no place for the heat to escape has to be bad for the electronics and indicates poor design engineering, in my opinion.

      With one of the units I was able to restore operation by holding down one of the front panel buttons while switching on the power, but I was never able to repeat this trick.

  52. I purchased a Dacor Rse 30rf
    JC03020215 on June 15, 2003. Six months after, the crack appeared on the control panel. I called Dacor and the rep I talked to was surprised because the older version of this stove had a problem with cracks, and Dacor “fixed” the problem. Well, they replaced the panel three times for me until last year when the fourth crack appeared. This time, they will give me a discount! So, I have lived with the crack. Why should I pay for a new panel when I know that it will just crack again. Now, the oven stopped working. Doesn’t get warm. I realize that the oven was purchased in 2003, but shouldn’t I have a working appliance with no cracks? What can I do? My phone calls to the reps at Dacor can not help, and they give me the same options: either a discounted part (10%) or a discount on a new stove! Right now I just want a new panel(at no cost) and my oven fixed. I don’t even know what kind of repair cost to expect for the oven not heating! Please help. Thanks- from another Dacor victim.

    • Hi Kathy,

      I am passing your post along to people at Dacor, who should hopefully contact you ASAP. Please let me know how things turn out.


  53. I am glad I found this website but wished I had done my research before I bought my Dacor appliances. In 2005, I had Dacor’s Epicure double oven, cooktop, and microwave oven installed in our new house. There has been nothing but regret and frustration since. I suppose I have not been assertive enough, gave up after the one- year warranty ended, and chalked it up to my ‘bad luck.’ Except for the microwave, I have had most of the problems outlined by other Dacor users(oven: uneven heating, not holding the temp., issues with probe; cooktop: clicking igniter even after the flames come on etc.). I have never used the self-cleaning functioning because I am afraid of what might happen. I merely clean the oven by hand after each use. It is worthy of note that we rarely use the appliances since we are empty nesters. Our big usage is usually on holidays (and the occassional dinner party) at which times I become extremely nervous and pray that these appliances do not expire in the middle of cooking.

    After reading the entries on this site, I blame myself for not being assertive enough and having lived with the dissatisfaction and frustration and for letting Dacor get off so easy. I too, would never recommend Dacor appliances to anyone. These appliances are good show peices (not to mention expensive) but of extremely poor quality.

    In our old house, we had a ‘bottom of the line’ GE cooktop and oven for 18 years and had absolutely No Problem. I think my mother was wrong: you do not always get what you pay for!

    • I am surprised at these issues. As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts, I initially got involved with Dacor as a systems consultant, but then started learning more and more about high end kitchen appliances–both theirs and their competitions. Having seen their products and their service department’s dedication, I became an advocate of theirs and got my own Dacor appliance (a dual fuel range). So far it’s everything I thought it would be and I still love it.

      I don’t know what went wrong with your appliances, but I will pass your information along to the people I know at Dacor and hopefully someone will contact you. Let me know how it goes.

  54. I hope you can help, I’m having the same problem with Dacor entertainment center. Won’t turn on, solid amber light and buzzing sound through the speakers, have turned off, unplugged, etc.. It was purchased in June 2007, this problem occurred three days ago. I have not called Dacor yet.

    • Definitely call Dacor. Let me know if you get a response.

        • Mary Kay
        • Posted January 6, 2010 at 3:42 am
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        Long time since any of my last posts, but the answer is, no, didn’t get any response from Dacor.

  55. Yesterday, April 19, 2009, my husband and I spent several hours replacing the ERC on our Dacor RSD30S dual fuel range.

    The stove was purchased in 2000 and worked splendidly for four years. It then began spontaneously and erratically (and maddeningly) beeping and flashing an F1 error code. We rebooted it a number of times after which it was functional for various lengths of time. We called Dacor Customer Service, and they refused to talk to us until we had an analysis by a certified Dacor technician. Reluctantly, we made an appointment with a recommended technician. He arrived, said, “Oh, an F1 code.” (something we had told him when we made the appointment), and collected $78 for the service call. He did not open the stove. He tested nothing. But he later called with the cost of the repair: $760.

    We decided to delay the expense. Hence, for the past five years we have gone to the basement to turn on or off the breaker switch in order to use the oven, and we use an igniter to light the burners. The stove serves just the two of us. It is visually in near perfect condition. But it has been a torment!

    We could not have installed the new ERC more carefully. When we switched it on the F1 code and the beeping began almost at once. Now all functions seem to work except the broiler, but we have little confidence that the functions will continue since with the first ERC eventually one of the timers, the broiler, and convection functions failed.

    Recently we purchased a Dacor bottom-freezer refrigerator to go with what was to have been our newly repaired range. Any advice on what to do next to our Dacor RSD30S would be appreciated.


  56. Please change the next to last paragraph to this:

    We could not have installed the ERC more carefully! But, when we switched it on minutes ago, the F1 code and the beeping began almost at once. Now all functions seem to work except the broiler, but we have little confidence that the functions will continue. And the beeping persists.

    • Hi Leslie,
      I don’t know anything about the F1 code and am not sure what the ERC’s involvment is, but I assume that the repairman indicated that that was the problem. Have you re-contacted Dacor concerning the problem? I just forwarded your blog post to people at Dacor customer service so hopefully they should be contacting you. Please keep me posted.

  57. i had my Dkec24s replaced once, prior to Dacor knowing what the problem was with the power failure. Now the new one has done the same thing. I am out of warranty, the amber light is on but not powering on at all. i called Dacor. they said it needed a new control board. $700 plus shipping. Im trying to find out if I can send it to a local eletronic repair shop, but where do i get this control board. through dacor?

    • I’m sure Dacor would prefer you going through them but have you looked at Appliance Parts Pros? ( How long have you had this Dkec24s?

    • I have exactly the same problem with my kitchen entertainment system. Amber light is on but it is not powering up… out of warranty. Did you figure out a way to get it fixed? This is an expensive unit and I would like to get it working again.

        • Mary Kay
        • Posted August 12, 2009 at 6:36 pm
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        No, haven’t followed up on it – can’t believe the summer has gone by and I didn’t get it fixed. Did you?

    • Your Dacor Dkec24s unit is identical to Icebox system. My Icebox had the same problem (orange light is on and humming coming from speakers) and I had it fixed by Icebox dealer in NJ for $400. They were able to repair my motherboard instead of replacing it. Their website is

    • Did you ever got it fixed?

  58. I have a Dacor ERD 36 range. Oven door will not close tightly. It sits about one inch away from closing tight. Anyone know how to fix?

  59. On Jan. 2005 I had a dacor built-in microwave oven installed. (along with wall oven and cooktop) On October 2006 the door switch needed to be replaced. On March 2008 the relay switch needed to be replaced. Now the microwave doesn’t work again. We were not living in the house for 1/2 of the year. I can’t believe this microwave oven is such a piece of junk. (It also is the loudest thing when being used.) The display works BUT it doesn’t run at all. When i push the “start” button …nothing!! I have put in a little over $200.00 into this oven. I should have bought one at Walmart and I am sure it would still be working now. I am holding back my anger as I write this. BUT take this advice and don’t buy this brand. Of course Dacor doesn’t do anything about it. I DO USE an authorized Dacor repair person. I can just scream!!!

  60. Wow… am I ever glad I saw this site. We have just purchased a new house and are required to supply our own appliances. We had planned to splurge on some really nice kitchen appliances, in particular a really nice dual fuel range. I heard the Viking, Wolf, and Thermador have been plagued with issues and poor customer support. So far I hadn’t found any major issues with the Dacors until finally reading about the Control Panels. The ones that either crack or fail.

    I am of the mind-set of paying the extra money for a quality product that is made on-shore. Not only are you supporting the local economy, but you are saving in the end as the product should be more reliable and cheaper in the end with the reduced operating expenses (i.e., less maintenance).

    After reading this, however, I think I’ll end up going with the Consumer Reports top-rated dual fuel range: Bosch 700 Series. Still made in the USA, less than a third of the price, and it (apparently) outperforms most of the pro-style ranges.

    The reviews were also rather interesting as they have stated the *vast* majority of consumers really have no need for the high output generated by the pro style ranges. I will admit, however, that these pro style ranges sure do look nice.

    Anyway, just my two-cents. I haven’t purchased anything yet so any other suggestions/recommendations would be most helpful.

  61. Hi Jason,
    I own a Dacor and started this blog both because I bought a Dacor dual-fuel range that I love and because I’ve had a chance to work with and meet people at Dacor. Remember that this is a forum mostly visited by people who have had issues; however,for every person on this forum, there are thousands of people who are happy customers (like me) who have no reason to post on blogs. Moreover, note that by far most of the people who have issues have issues with OEM’s products like the microwave. Dacor-manufactured products in the USA (like the dual-fuel range) are by and large very successful. Anyway, I love my Dacor dual-fuel range, and I love all of the details that make it up. I highly recommend that you give it another look.

  62. I wrote a message a few days ago complaining about my Dacor microwave oven. (see above) I received a call from Dacor. They are going to send me a new microwave for $220.00. I took their offer since I would have to spend money getting mine repaired anyhow. The service rep felt my microwave was NOT their “norm”. So hopefully this new one will be better.

  63. We renovated an older home and in the kitchen we put a Dacor 48 inch built in refrigerator, a 48 inch duel fuel stove by dacor and the new 24 inch built in dishwasher by Dacor. This was in October of 2007. Everything has worked fine until about the past 6 months our dishwasher has a problem with the top rack. Some small white plastic pieces came out of the right hand side of the rack arm and now the top rack will lean down and will fall out if we are not careful.

    After I first noticed this I emailed Dacor on their website and heard nothing. I then met the Dacor rep at a Montgomery, Alabama distributor of Dacor, but not where the appliances were bought. I told him of the problem and he promised to look in to it. My concern is that it appears to be a design problem but the one year warranty is expired. I emailed the rep with the serial number, etc. he replied that he would get back to me. He still has not replied and I emailed for an update with no response. This has been for at least three to four months. I have emailed him again today with no response so far.

    I would just like some help in getting a response on whether this will be a warranty issue and who will repair it.

  64. I have a Dacor 48″ Dual Fuel Range (Model # ERSD48) It was purchased by a previous owner. I just noticed recently that the oven door does not completely shut…most noticeable at the top of the door…about 1/2″ Don’t know how long this has been like this, but is there something I can do to fix it before I call for service? I noticed on another site that they said something about putting a hammer between the hinge and the door and applying light pressure and the door would spring back ( Does this sound resonable?…you sound like you know alot about Dacor. Thanks

  65. I am so disaapointed with my Dacor purchases. I spent a lot of money when I designed my designer kitchen only to find out that spending on advertised high end products is a joke. The Epicure double oven has been nothing but a problem. To start, the top oven never gets to desired heat levels. If I need something cooked to an exact time I must use the bottom oven. I thought that it might have to do with the poor seal around the door but my tech told me that that wasn’t the problem. Soon after the door became increasingly heavy. Come to find out the hinge had completely crumbled. The tech said he had never seen anything like it. Granted the oven is 8 years old but I would expect that a top of the line oven wouldn’t be having these types of issues. When I notified the company they wouldn’t even give me the replacement hinges. The bill to service this problem was $1200 so I contacted customer service to express my outrage. They told me to send the bill and they would get back to me. It’s going on 4 monthe now and I haven’t heard a word. I called today and seemed that the gils who I spoke to was taking her break and they could only locate the cover page of the fax but not the bill. What a JOKE!
    I also have the 6 burner stovetop which is also a lemon. Seems like everytime I clean it I have to spend aleast an hour rubbing the rings so that the flint will make a connection to the gass to get a flame. I had the tech look at that as well. He was familiar with this problem. Seems as though other owner have had the same problem. The fix is to take it apart and reconstruct it and that does the trick. That would only cost $600 that I’m not willing to spend. I’m just amazed that a company that touts itself as the best would not back their products. Word of mouth is their best advertising and I have nothing good to say.

  66. Who is the CEO of Dacor? I will write him a letter about the DKEC.

    • Did you ever get a response
      from the CEO? I am having the
      same problem as you with my
      Entertainment Center. I am
      not willing to pay $700 to fix
      something that should not have
      broken down so quickly. I tried
      my local computer/TV repair shop
      and they were unable to fix it.
      A new control board is needed.
      Just wondering if you had any
      luck getting your unit repaired?

  67. The CEO of Dacor is Mike Joseph. The president and COO is Ric Brutocao. Their address is:
    Dacor, Inc.
    1440 Bridgegate Dr. # 200
    Diamond Bar, CA 91765-3935

  68. I have an ERD36 dual fuel range and the oven door refuses to open. If I try turning on the oven (any setting), a “door” message is displayed and the alarm beeps for about 15 seconds. The range is in Guatemala and there is no local dealer… please help!

  69. Yikes. I’m planning on buying the 48″ dual fuel range and microve oven in a drawer. Anybody have comments?

    • My advice is don’t. Nothing but trouble with our Dacor kitchen. I threw the microwave away after a year, when the repair cost exceeded what I could by a new one for. Look to another manufacturer. DACOR just sucks.

  70. My cooktop purchased 12/08 shattered two weeks ago while cooking. I’ve been in touch with the Dacor Warranty Dept but can’t get a resolution to my problem. Do you have any recommendations?

    • A few questions:
      How long have you had the cooktop? Is it under warranty? Was there anything unusual going on when it shattered?

  71. I read through all of the negative comments about Dacor with astonishment. I purchased the Dacor Entertainment Center ($2,200) the summer of 2007 when I completely renovated my kitchen. Two days ago, the entire system is not working. I called Dacor and was told that it is out of warranty and anyway the manufacturer (Icebox, a Salton company) was out of business. No parts to fix it could be found. I could send it back and have it fixed by someone who custom makes the parts for $700. In addition, like the others, I would have to give them my credit card number first. Also, the warranty for the $700 repair would be for 60 days. I am beyond crazed. How can a company with Dacor’s high end prices have such poor customer service? I am going to write to the CEO, but would it be worthwhile to work as a group of unhappy consumers? I am sure they make a fortune on their shoddy products.

  72. We purchased a home in 2006 that was 4 years old. The kitchen has a Dacor double oven. The bottom oven stopped working within a year of living here. A service tech came out, who said it was the cooling fan and it would be $400 for the part and installation – we paid $100 for the service call. That seems outrageous for a fairly new oven – I’ve never had a problem with an oven, and this Dacor one is supposed to be top of the line. We just haven’t gotten it fixed, because it’s so irritating to have to pay that much! However, I really do miss having two ovens, especially on the holidays. Is that a normal price for replacing a cooling fan? I’m in the Atlanta area. Thanks!

  73. I have a Dacor range model ERSD48. The two ovens do not cook at the correct temperature set point. The oven temperature varies 20 to 40 degrees when baking, making the ovens very difficult to bake in. The temperature is not consistently high or low or we would just change the set point when baking. You just can’t count on the oven cooking at the right Temperature.

    A couple of months ago the oven alarm started sounding in the middle of the night and we ended up paying over $800 for a technician to replace the control panel board. He told my wife the new panel board would probably fix the oven temperature problem — but it did not. What can we do to have a decent oven to cook in other than buy a new range?

  74. I have ERSD 3605. The ignitor for pre-heat and broil stopped working today. This has happened twice before and each time the control board (motherboard?) has had to be replaced. Usually, it has lasted 2 years between replacement. This time 3. It should never need to be replaced. I hope it is only the ignitor this time as the control board is very expensive. Is there a way to use the oven without the pre-heat function? All I need is the electric elements for now. I understand that the gas broiler can’t work without the ignitor working for safety reasons, but that does not apply to the electric elements.

    • Hi Bob,

      From what I understand, the oven can be used even if broil doesn’t function. The electric elements (convection & bake) will work fine. Without broil preheat will take quite a bit longer as all three elements are used during that cycle.

        • Bob
        • Posted December 4, 2009 at 11:10 am
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        Without the gas broil function, the oven does not pre-heat and the electric elements stay cold.

  75. Anybody know how to access the main circuit board on a Dacor duel fuel range?

    Intermittent F1 codes were the first problem. Now the latch motor for the door runs back and forth contunially until and F8 code comes up. I’ve replaced the door latch assembly with no luck. Dealer suggests unplugging main circuit board and re plugging in 10 minutes.

    I will try this, as a service call is 60 miles one way. Not sure how to access it, or what it looks like.

  76. Yesterday our power went off briefly and we have not been able to reset the clock. We have the time display, but when we push *clock*, we get nothing – no beep and can’t change the time. We reset the circuit breaker but it still doesn’t work. Everything else on the oven seems to be working just fine.

  77. Dacor PCS230B (around 8 yesrs old) – I tried the self-clean for thr first time, and after a couple of minutes got an F8 error code with beeping. I removed latch motor, appears bad as it doesn’t react to 120V at the terminals. Ordered new one. Problem is I cannot clear the error code, which leaves both ovens unfunctional. Is there some way to clear this code so the other functions work? I already tried opening circuit breaker for 30 minutes, no help. Do I need to jumper one or both of the door latch limit switches?

  78. Wow, I have spent the last 30 min reading all the negative comments and I feel so fortunate, the only problem I have with my kitchen entertainment center is the remote control is hard to use. I wondered why they were not selling the entertainment centers any longer—at least I found out the original vendor went out of business—–since that is the case, I would offer to all those who are having problems not to waste time/money sending the unit back to Dacor, or writing the CEO, I’m certain he already knows the quality control issues, I doubt he is going to refund your money and he won’t be able to fix the unit either. I assume the comments about the “unit not working” mean it does not turn on in any manner—-since there is no more warranty or parts available from Dacor, see if there is a local TV/Computer/Laptop repair shop nearby..–ask them if they could assess your unit or know someone who could, often times these electronic places “scavenge” parts—especially if they know who made the original product. I saw someone state it was made by Icebox, a division of Salton? Many companies “buy up” BK inventories, so there may be parts out there you are don’t know exist. Additionally, there are other companies who make under the counter units—I have an older model made by Audiovox(?), very similar to the Dacor unit—they do repairs on their units— with the exception of the computer the units are pretty much the same. I can’t imagine the technology would be so radically different it couldn’t be adapted. The TV sounds like the most simple problem to fix after reading all the others..but just so no one thinks I haven’t had my share of problems–I have sworn off all GE, Maytag, Whirpool and Kitchen Aid appliances for the same type Dacor problems listed above..LG is on my watch list, and the only appliance I would consider recommending, at any price, is Bosch!

  79. DACOR DISHWASHER ID30…where do i begin. Let me start by making this perfectly clear…I HATE this dishwasher and it was not cheap!! Customer service is no help and as a matter of fact…rude and when they are not being rude, they are trying to get you off the phone! Here is the list: before I even used it..test run by authorized tech putting it in ..did not drain. Replaced sump pump. within 3 months..replaced computer board. Cannot put detergent in door dispenser…drys on flatware in basket and doesn’t evenly distribute throughout dishes (even when the dishwasher is NOT full). I am now battling the rack glides. Yep..the top rack comes out (completely) and that is absolutely NO fun when it is full of glasses. So if you are even thinking about this dishwasher…think no further…this dishwasher is not worth the paper the check was signed on (yea…you know the one..the check for almost 3000.00 for this load of junk!!)Oh, yea, did I mention I contacted customer service about all of the above “repairs”..which they quickly responded they did not have a “lemon law”…rude and very unhelpful! They should actually have a “junk law!!

      • Carolyn Chamberlin
      • Posted September 28, 2011 at 7:09 pm
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      And then there are the racks that rusted within 9 months…I finally complained at 13 months…after warranty of course and they said the broken glides and new top and bottom racks were $900 !!! Are you kidding me??? After 4 months I worked them down to $100…still fuming. Now the racks are fully rusted again and the soap dispenser is broken…won’t close. I have never had a worse product in my life. I could have bought 2 amazing dishwashers and a great microwave for the price of this. REGRET REGRET REGRET. I could go on and on…we laugh now about how loud it is…always has been. What a waste….

  80. I have a Dacor ETT 304R electric cooktop. I am having trouble with a couple of the sensors. One of the burner on/off sensors will not respond to a touch. A different burner’s temperature increase sensor will not respond therefore the burner will not come on. The sensor to decrease the temp beeps when touched but it has to be increased before you can decrease the temp. What needs to be done to fix this issue?


  81. We purchased a Dacor built-in refrigerator about 2 1/2 years ago. It had a leak in the back immediately and was repaired under warranty. Just after the warranty expired, it had icicles in the freezer (a common problem) and we had to pay for the repair. Dacor did send us some accessories to help offset pain of the the $400 repair cost. The plastic flapper in the door (for dispensing ice) broke. Now the refrigerator is freezing everything, no matter where I set the temperature. It is maintaining a temp of about 23 degrees.

  82. I purchased a DACOR RGC-365 cooktop and a PRV-36 vent for a combination installion. My contractor hired a DACOR-certified installer for the job. I now have a cooktop where the back edge (the edge in parallel with the vent) sits propped up off my countertop surface. Apparently it is sitting on a gasket the spans between the vent and the cooktop. This creates a nice gap for any spills or crumbs to create a real mess, not to mention that it looks terrible.

    The dealer has been very unresponsive to my problem, so I contacted DACOR technical support and was told that this is “normal.” I am astounded that a combination that costs $3000 installs in such a sloppy fashion. Furthermore, no one disclosed to me when I was purchasing these items that the cooktop would not sit flush on the counter. This is unaccpetable.

    I hope that the information I have been given is wrong, and that someone can tell me how to get this job done right.


    • Hi Martin, I am an Installer/ Servicer for a High end appliance dealer in Wilmington, NC. I do a lot of this type of installation work and it sounds to me like your installer needs more certification. More than likely your combined cutout dimension is too small from front to back. This will cause an overlay not intended by the manufacturer. I would suggest finding an installer in your area that cares about what he is doing to doble check your install. If you want to send me a picture of your install, I will review it to see if I can confirm and give you a plan of action to correct it.

        • Jack
        • Posted May 16, 2010 at 9:38 pm
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        I have an opportunity to buy a used RGC-365 cooktop it is guaranteed to work. It has some minor scratches. Out of warranty, would this be a major mistake? I really like the design. Are repairs frequent and expensive?Thanks.

  83. We bought a new house with a Dacor Epicure ed24 stainless dishwasher. After a few months the dishwasher stopped after at random times during the cycle. The local Dacor service team indicated a bad circuit board. Ordered a new one an replaced the old one. This resolved the issue. However, now 5 months later, the exacts same issue is back. bad luck ?

    • Several issues can cause this type of failure, the control board has been the number one cause but you may also be experiencing a door latch failure. If the door latch is improperly adjusted, it will cause this type of failure. When the unit stops intermittently, push in on the door at the center of the handle. if the dishwasher starts working then you need to have the door handle adjusted out slightly. Be very careful though as adjusting out too far wil cause a door leak and can cause floor damage. Hope this helps.

  84. a widow near us has a dacor convection oven with a metal handle…a screw has come out on the right hand side….looks like the screw hole is hidden.Any advice on how I can access access the screw to help her out?

  85. my Dacor wall oven is blinkin like there is no tomorrow! it does this every so often so i took a look at this site.

    Is it just me, or does the DACOR answer always seem like it comes from a robot?

    i always now pass on my problems to friends redoing their kitchen.
    DON”T buy these ovens, they are over priced and full of bugs.

    They get by because people are to embarassed that they spent so much money and don’t want to complain.

    when this one dies, i will take a picture and start a website for dacor owners to post on.
    what garbage!

    can’t wait to see the lame comment Dacor posts.

    Perhaps, ” sorry to hear of your problems, I just forwarded your blog post to people at Dacor customer service so hopefully they should be contacting you. Please keep me posted.”

    ya ya ya… that makes me feel so much better.

    ovens use to last 30 years, now they are crap after 5!

    • Sorry about your problems. FYI – I don’t work for Dacor, I’m a Dacor customer who also got to know some of the people there because of some (computer systems) work I had done. I started this blog when I got my first Dacor range because I was excited about getting my first high-end kitchen appliance. After I started this I started getting people’s posts, and I forwarded their issues to Dacor when they came in here just as something nice to do for others. It doesn’t take up much time, and many of the people whose issues I forwarded did get their issue satisfied by Dacor. So I feel good about that.

      Anyway, I’m sorry you don’t like my past posts attempting to help other people. Hopefully, my “lame comment” was worth your wait.

    • Hi John, Your issue is the touch panel on the oven. you have two options. First, you can replace the touch control and this will fix this problem. Second, you could remove the control panel (first disconnect power to the unit), there is a small flat ribbon cable located on the left side of the control panel, disconnect the small ribbon cable from the control board located behind the panel. This will disable your oven light permanently, but will also stop the flashing. I’ve seen this many times.

        • Broken Dacor
        • Posted August 26, 2011 at 10:58 pm
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        Dennis maybe leaving w/o working light is acceptable.

        Does the smaller ribbon disconnect from the control panel board inside the hingeable control panel (board side) or behind the inside of the door frame where the back of the front panel buttons are?

        Are there any negative operational consequences to operating the oven without a working light?

        I would share photos w you if you might guide us here a little.

  86. I have a Dacor oven- not sure of the model number because it was installed in the house with a previous owner- and it is about 4 1/2 years old. The light is flickering like crazy. What do I do to solve the problem? It flickers whether the oven is hot or cold.


    • Hi Becky,
      Two possibilities: Look at other comments on this site – there are references to do-it-yourself sites that do touch on Dacor issues. Alternately, contact Dacor support for a local authorized service person.

    • See my post to John on May 12 on this sight.

  87. ya, the ovens are junk. you replace the parts and they are junk within the year.
    Dacor should be embarassed.
    I would hate to work for that company.

  88. purchased Dacor 30 inch dishwasher almost 2 years ago…it has been repaired 5 times and i just called for my 6th…the dishwasher will just stop running midcycle and i am so discusted with this.I purchased double wall oven,gas cooktop and microwave and fridge..Spent $17,000.Ihate every one of them.My oven cooks no baked items all the way thru and servicemen have said temp is i guess i am stuck with it..I am so disappointed in these appliances.but especially my not working more then it works.has been nothing but aggravating!!

    • Also forgot to add that kitchen was brand new remodeled when app were purchased and from dishwasher being taken out so much my whole cabinet had got ruined and i had to pay to have it repaired.Was told dacor was not responsible..Great!!!

  89. In response to Jack’s inquery about an RGC-365 for sale, first off, the person you are looking to buy this from is selling it for a reason and I’m pretty sure its not because it a super fantastic cooktop. It is out of warranty which probably means they are now paying for the repairs and if you read any of the post on this site they aren’t cheap. Things to consider when buying any used appliance are price and condition and most importantly the service history. If you are really looking to buy this item, get the serial number from the seller and call DACOR customer service and ask for the service history. This will give you a better idea of what you may be getting into. I would not advise you to buy it but ultimately it is your call.

  90. I have a 36″ Dacor touch cooktop, about 4 years old. When it heats up for about half an hour or more, a loud buzzing sounds on the left side. We have to turn the circuit breaker off each time. When it cools down, the buzzing disappears. It is mounted over a 36″ Dacor oven. They are very close to each other. The oven head doesn’t seem to affect the cooktop.This problem started about two years after installation. Anyone have a clue about this???

    • Randall, can you post your complete model number so I can check the service literature to try to find a solution for you. Does a fan come on during operation of the cooktop?

      • The model is Millennia METB365SF.

        No fan comes on during operation.

    • Randall, your cooktop has a fan to keep the electronics cool, it is controlled by the microprocessor control board. It is located on the left side of the control weldment and is more than likely the cause of your vibration noise. Although dacor does not have the service manuals for this unit online, I am reasonably sure that the fan is turned on only when the unit is hot. To check this out, turn on your cooktop and let it heat up until it starts to buzz, instead of turning the power off to the unit at the breaker, just turn the burner off and let it cool down with power to the unit. The buzzing should stop after the unit cools down to a safe level for the electronic. If this happens you will need to replace the fan. The fan part number is 62077. Hope this helps!

  91. We have a Dacor ETT304BT glass cooktop that the fan underneath is running almost constantly even when the unit cool and has not been on for hours. How can this be shut off? Is there a service manual to this device?

    • Hi Robyn,your cooktop controls the fan through the control board and should turn on during operation of the cooktop to protect the electronic. Even when you turn the unit off the fan should continue to operate if the unit is hot. The first response would be to look at the electronic but in this case you probably have a faulty sensor on one of your burner elements that would keep the fan running. Also have you tried to reset the computer by disconnecting power to the unit? find the circuit breaker for the cooktop and turn it off for 2 minutes. Upon resetting power to the unit the computer will reboot and refresh the program. If you have had an electrical impulse that could change the program within the computer control and could cause this issue. If you try this and it does not correct the issue, you will need to find a qualified repair person to check the sensors built into the elements. If they check ok, you will probably need to replace the electronic.

  92. We Purchased a Dacor stove and in the first 12 months they were out 10 times to fix the unit. This was under warranty. In year 2 we had six calls and they finnally put a different unit in and provided a new 12 month warranty. This one has worked no better. we are in our second year and have to pay $500.00to get it fixed. The store that we bouh=ght the unit at no linger handles the Dacor line and will only fix them. My issue is I don’t think they were ever trained on fixing them well and they no longer want the headaches. This is the poorest decision we ever made

      • Patrick zmullaney
      • Posted August 14, 2010 at 11:14 pm
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      I would like to update this site with a possitive experience that we had with Dacor. I received a call from their customer service area questioning the status of our oven. It was evident that he went thru the records in their system and contacted the local distributor and worked with them to proactively resolve the issue with the oven. After they put a new fan and circut relay in, we realized that this was the first time the self cleaning function worked. We have only used this once and will have to do again to ensure this is a complete fix. The net result is that they are becoming proactive I am happier

  93. Patrick, You are not in any different position than most of the folks that post here, however I can tell you that as a dealer and former DACOR servicer,your dealer is not trying to get rid of the headache that you have but instead they are making a business decision in response to the changes in business policies from DACOR. There was a time when DACOR was the first choice I would give a customer because I knew I could resolve whatever issue that may arise. That is no longer true! I do not recommend DACOR at all anymore, and I refuse to even work on them due to the inability DACOR has to resolve issues for their customers. I do try to help resolve issues but there is only so much we as servicers can do with little or no backing from DACOR. Good luck trying to get your unit fixed properly but I don’t think I would continue putting good money to bad.

  94. My Dacor Preference Gas Range has been a nightmare since we moved into our house 5 years ago. The previous owner had purchased it in 2001 and used it rarely. One month after I started using the oven, I noticed a gas smell after the oven was on and had reached the proper temperature. Since then I have had numerous service calls. Replaced the ignitor twice and numerous other parts. Most recently, when we smelled gas after the oven had been on for at least 40 minutes, my husband opened the oven door and a HUGE blue flame engulfed the inside of the oven. Thank God no one was hurt. We immediately called the Gas company and the technician checked for leaks. He determined the problem is with the oven. Called Dacor and they say to have a repair person come and assess the oven AGAIN. The problem is a service call by itself is $140. That’s money I can put towards a new oven. I’m terrified to have my daughters bake cookies with this monster!!!

    • Mary, your situation sounds terrifying. Do not use the oven or stove top. Call Gil Soto and speak with him at once. I am concerned – the posts on Dacor are frightening. I cannot recommend speaking to customer service reps they can be astonishingly rude. Call 626-799-1000 and ask for Mr. Soto – speak only to him. We had a cook top with flames coming out of the bottom of the gas burner. At one point the gas exploded across the length of the cooktop and I screamed in sheer fright and terror. I am lucky to be alive. Dacor is replacing the cooktop, and so they should.

  95. My Decor oven is 20 yrs old. We have had many repairs. In May 2010 the I tried to set the temperature and the OFF sign came on. Our decor repairman said thast the relay circuit panel needed to be changed and they were no longer being made or rebuilt. I would haveto get a new oven. The oven has not worked since.Yesterday I suddenly heard a loud beeping sound and the F-! code appeared on the front panel. I cancelled the code and the oven now works again suddenly after 4 months of being idle. I had planned to purchase a newoven but amnot sure what to do now. I do noy trust this oven. Can this be trpaired. The Model is W305

  96. Hi All,
    I’m building a custom home in WA state and have been debating buying Dacor or GE Monogram.
    Strange thing is that all the sales outlets have stopped working for Dacor. Sears is apparently going to sell them but won’t honor Dacor’s promotions. This seems bizarre!
    The appliances (I’m planning a 48″ range) are beautiful but I’m worried about everything else… any thoughts?

    • Hi John,
      Dacor does make a great looking product, however your instincts are more correct than you might want to think. Many servicers are moving away from Dacor because of difficulties in dealing with the manufacturer to get you product serviced. I no longer service Dacor because of DDS (Dacor Distinctive Service). I won’t tell you to by the GE but I will advise you to look at what is available, search out a reputable servicer and talk with them about what will work best for you in your area. Dacor is trying to make some moves in the right direction but I think it is a little too little too late.

  97. I purchased a Dacor RSG30R gas range “approximately” 12 years ago and have had nothing but problems with it. I realize it is now 12 years later but I just found this website and wanted to discuss my problems.
    Since the time I purchaed it I have had to have it repaired an average of at least once a year. It seems that every part has been replaced but now are “recycling” to need repair or replacement again.
    I have had to have the door and seal replaced because grease (or whatever) was getting in between the glass panels of the door. It is now happening again.
    I have had the burner igniters replaced; they all need to be replaced again.
    I have had the touchpad replaced; it is having problems again.
    I have had the bake burner replaced twice.
    I have taken care of this range, followed mfg. instructions for cleaning and caring. I have never been happy with the performance of this range. At one point Dacor had provided me with the parts for free but I had to pay for service, which was more expensive than the parts.
    Is my complaint past the point of trying to get satisfaction from Dacor?

  98. I’ve been having the same flickering light problem on my Epicure EORS127B 27 inch oven. Does anyone know what the part number is for the touch control that is mentioned above to resolve the problem? Also, by disconnecting the flat ribbon cable, does that just disconnect the light or does it also disconnect the switch that keeps clicking?

    I’m going to toss my Dacor microwave. Not worth having the touch pad replaced at such high repair costs. We’ve been living with the easy minute feature only for way too long.

  99. I had my Dacor Preference RSD30S dual fuel range installed in March 2006. About a month ago I noticed cracking in the plastic control panel. The crack starts underneath and to the right of the control panel. I bought a 5 year extended warranty for this oven but since the oven is fully functional they will not cover this defect. I have read online about a design issue with this oven where the heat does not get vented properly and the plastic control panel cracks. I contacted Dacor customer service today. They gave me the number for parts where I could get an estimate to replace the panel. Customer service said I could call them back again and talk to them about getting some assistance with the price. So I asked Customer Service if I replace this part with the same plastic part what’s to say this won’t happen again? Customer service told me “well, some ovens do this and some don’t”. From reading comments here and others online Dacor obviously has a design problem with this range that THEY should fix. If you want customer loyalty and satisfaction you should stand behind your products.
    Other issues I have deal with the finish on the grates and the stainless cook top surface. These are hard to clean. The cook top surface has discolored (browned) around the burners. The finish on the grates is wearing and looks uneven.
    The only positive I have to say is that I have been very happy with the way the range cooks. The self-cleaning feature is also great. Unfortunately, after reading posts here and other places I’m thinking this range won’t last 10 years. I won’t be buying another Dacor.

  100. I have an ERD30 Dacor…

    I have the same complaints… last year it took 8hrs to cook a turkey… thus I found out it would not hold a temp setting..

    Had the service man out, and he hit a reset button…

    Same problem this year..

    have to set the temp at 425 to get 350.

    Last year when I contacted dacor, customer service was terrible.

    I sent Dacor another email this year… last year it was three weeks before a response, and that was after I called them.….

    Would I buy another Dacor… NO!

    Not worth the price paid, or dependability, or customer support.

  101. my dacor microwave oven (Mo. DCM245) has a door that will not pop open when pressing the open button, it has to pryed open by inserting something along the edge. What is the problem and can I repair this myself?

  102. I have a Preference RSD30S. I replace the door lock latch motor and switch assembly in March 2010 after receiving the ‘F8’ kiss of death. I found some diagnostic steps that we ran through to identify what the problem was. My husband is an electrical maintenance technician and my son has a degree as a computer technical engineer. We purchased the part and they were able to install it without any problems. The unit has been working fine until last Friday. I went to start up a self-cleaning cycle, and got the ‘F8’ again. I would think the DACOR part should last for more than 8 months! I’m putting up with the constant stainless discoloration on the top, and the occassional oven light flickering, but I don’t want to be replacing $100 parts every 8 months on an appliance that is suppose to be high-end! This is riduculous. I am going to try to contact Dacor Customer Service tomorrow when I have the serial # with me.

  103. I contacted Dacor Customer Service. They will be sending out a replacement part for the door latch assembly. Thank You Dacor Customer Service. Hopefully I will get it next week so I can begin baking my christmas cookies!

  104. I am another victim of a failed DKEC entertainment system. Would be nice to have an electrical schematic and resource for parts.

  105. Hi. Can anyone help me? We purchased our home 5 years ago, and it included a Dacor Duel Fuel Range/oven, purchased and installed in 9/2003. I have LOVED every minute of cooking on it.. right up until about 4 months ago. The oven just STOPPED working after we did a self clean. We confirmed it was not the element, visited, correctly guessed it was the control board. Ok, after almost $500 in repair bill, we waited 4 weeks for the repair during the Thanksgiving holiday season due to back ordered parts. The technician, a Dacor certified…. had to break the rings that hold the ignitors to get to the control board, although we knew from previous posts that was the way to do it. OKay. Except, the next morning, the ignitors no longer worked. Repairman was able to bring three back to life and had to order the 3rd.. he still hasnt called back, and we have called 2x to follow up with him. Not Dacor’s fault.. and we have had function of oven and 3 stoves, so ok, I am easy going here. OK.. now I have a problem. Tonight, I preheated the oven, and as I was putting food in, heard a loud hiss and snap, saw SPARKS fly from where the lower element was seated into the back of the oven, and now my house smells like fried control board. Oh, it tripped the circuit breaker. So, we reset the circuit to see if we could still get the stove to work, and now, the element wont turn off… even though the oven is off. Had to pull range out and manually unplug it. It hasnt even been 60 days since last control board. Am I going to have to spend another $500 to repair, or is DACOR going to stand behind its product and do the right thing??????

    • I would call the Dacor customer service department directly and speak to a manager. They should be able to help you.

  106. We recently moved into a new home with an existing electric wall oven (Dacor).

    THe oven handle gets very, very hot when the oven is operating. To the point that I need a potholder to open/close the oven. I have three young children under the age of 7 and am concerned about their safety.

    I emailed dacor and was told to have a technician inspect the hinges and gasket.

    I have read in a handful of other places about the hot handle. Does anyone know if the hinges (feel fine operationally although I am not sure that tells the whole story?) or gasket are the likely culprit here?

  107. This kichten DKEC is junk. It never did work like I though it should. Now it will not come on at all. ( snowy screen)
    After calling dacor they are willing to arrange a repair for a flat rate of $700. My responcibility for shipping of course.
    I really feel this is grounds for a class action suit, any attornys purchase one of these…. it is a lemon…..

  108. The Dacor engineers have given new meaning to the jokes about how many people it takes to change a light bulb. So far it has taken myself, my husband, a handyman, a Dacor customer service representative, 2 people at Loew’s, and a clerk at the local specialty lighting store! Still, no new light bulb. My vent a hood which the Dacor cooktop requires has 2 halogen light bulbs. They have burned out, and I cannot find a replacement. Info from the old bulb is:JDR E27 120V 75W 0934. Help!! (Info from the Dacor customer service rep was incorrect)

  109. 11 years ago we bought a 48 in. Dual fuel Epicure Series Range. (Model ERSD48). Usage over that time would be described as extremely light. Recently we had a main oven element failure. ($120 parts plus $150 labor). Spoke to Dacor when I saw major redesign of the element. Redesign required a new pan and sensor, additional $143. Total at this point is $413. Stated reason was to solve an uneven heating issue. Suspicious but plausible. After installation of redesigned components, element still didn’t work. Repair technician said failed element shorted out relay board. Ignoring the fact the first one he installed was defective, the second replacement worked. Dacor said an element failure could not cause a board failure, guess it did. After 5 trips to my home the service facility felt bad and sold me the board at their cost $212. Total now $625, plus tax we got to $655. $655 for a electrical resistance heating element repair. High maintenance costs for what is essentially a piece of kitchen furniture. I can not imagine what we would have invested if it was used daily.
    11 years old or not, this is an extreme penalty in my view. This is our first and last Dacor product. Other buyers beware.

  110. i have a dacor erd36 and need to replace the hinges does anyone know the model # for the hinge kit?

  111. I just built a house and bought all Dacor appliances for my kitchen. This is a long time plan finally coming to fruition. I ordered the French door refrigerator with custom cabinet doors made by my local cabinet maker. He has 30 plus years of experience designing high end kitchens. He followed the Installation guide for the does and it is a very poor design.
    I have had other fridges with a cabinet application and they all provide a metal frame to install the doors. Dacor does not so the center see of the french door is unfinished. I called my Dealer here and they understood the problem and called Dacor to try and assist me. In the meantime my cabinet maker and finish carpenter devised a custom piece and stained it. These are highly skilled people. It looks acceptable now but it came at and additional $190 in labor and parts to fix this problem. Dacor called and the girl ‘s attitude was shocking. She had decided to be of no help before we even began speaking. She found a line in the Planning Guide that said the panel needs a finished edge. It has a finished edge. it does not fit into the top and bottom metal pieces on the door and the the build out wood in the center is not finished according to their planning guide. It causes the ends to bow out. Looks REALLY bad. She would not acknowledge the design flaw or help in any way. Their design in the picture has the unfinished edge. Certainly looks unacceptable even in the planning guide. Very poor customer service and certainly not standing behind their product. I am shocked and concerned as to my future with all these super expensive appliances I just purchased including a 48 inch dual fuel range. Make sure you have good custom cabinet guys and are willing to pay the extra if you want to have a built in look with this refrigerator other wise buy any other brand who all have much easier applications.

    • You have not explained any design flaw. A door like this does not require a frame on all four side in order to fit a custom panel, it is not a “defect”. What do you mean by “It causes the ends to bow out” ?? *What* caused which ends to bow out? I have looked at the custom overlay panel installation instructions, and it all looks straightforward to me. Maybe your cabinet maker and finish carpenter are not as skilled as you think – they should not have made the wood bow out at all if they knew what they were doing. If they truly were experienced they would have encountered this type of door design many times before. It sounds like they either used a warped piece of wood, or made the backing panel too large for the frame, forcing it to bow out.

      I am very happy with all my Dacor appliances, by the way.

  112. Both bulbs in the upper oven were burnt out. My wife accidentally bought 20w – 12v light bulbs for our Dacor ecs230sbk double oven, instead of the 10w – 12v bulbs it needed. I replaced the left bulb and it worked fine, but very bright. When I installed the 2nd bulb, it lit briefly and then both bulbs went out. I removed them, and took a close look – the bulbs both seem intact. That’s when I noticed she had bought the wrong bulbs.

    I think the combined 40w load blew a fuse in the Oven or something. The lights in the lower oven still work.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this?


    • I have the same problem. What did you do to get it fixed?

  113. I have a well used older model 6 element Dacor stainless steel cooktop (6-EBR-46) that has worked flawlessly for some 30 years, and save for some 50 cent parts in the wiring harnesses that are now stretched into failure, all 6 elements would still work. Where can one buy these dinky things w/o buying $100 wiring harnesses?? I’m going to be undertaking a major kitchen redo over the next year, and will be upgrading the unit to a new cooktop, but now with DACOR and Wolf in bed (and having bad experiences from the beginning w/ a Wolf double door fridge/freezer, and now reading all of the ills with DACOR cooktops) amd having second thoughts about DACOR replacements

    • I too have a 6-EBR-46 that is at least 30 years old, and it has some burnt 10-gague wires that connect the burner control knobs in series. I am trying to find the female spade connectors that the wires are attached to, but am having difficulty. Is it even worth repairing? Where can I get parts?

  114. Anybody know where to get a service manual for a Dacor ERSD48 Epicure Range? I am pretty handy and can perform most repairs, and have been able to find many of the parts I need on the web. Now I need to replace the ERC board. But I can’t figure out how to get to it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  115. We just purchased a home that was built in 1999 and has a Dacor wall-style microwave. It seems to work fine, except that the kitchen timer does not make any sound when the time is done (therefore rendering it pretty useless unless I sit in front of the oven watching to see when the time is up). Does anyone know if there is a way for me to adjust or fix this myself via the keypad instead of having to call an applicance repair person?

  116. We have had tHe unfortunate experience of buying a Dacor professional range in 2003. It has just never worked right. The cooktop has always had at least two if not four burners that would not start. And yes, the range did not cook evenly as one might expect in a professional unit. We have had the technicians out 5 to 7 times over the years only to have the unit fall back every time. Today the electronics have gone out. We will be calling the technicians but have little hope that anything good will happen. And yes, half the burners don’t light….What a product….

  117. DACOR wall ovens are horrible!
    I will be buying a new built-in oven as soon as I can find a replacement that will fit the space.

    In 2004, we put a DACOR ECS136SCH wall oven in our newly built home. Since then, it has been nothing but trouble. In October 2006 (after the 1 year warranty had expired), the ERC was replaced for $476.34. In November of 2006 a new membrane was installed for $296. After a couple of years, the same problems I was having before recurred. I checked the internet and found my same problem rampant among DACOR wall oven owners. Since I have another oven (KitchenAid that works fine), I turned off the circuit breaker to the DACOR and just didn’t use it for a couple of years. Last week a repairman came out (for $159) who said I needed ANOTHER ERC and ANOTHER membrane and also a new relay board. Cost to replace all three was going to be $778.32…… nd that was discounted greatly for me because it was my second time having to replace the parts and because they would forego the trip charge….. and because I’m a good customer. So I called DACOR customer service to see what they would do for me since the same problems keep recurring. They called me back with an offer to sell me all three parts for $100 EACH. And that didn’t include the charge to install them. I told them I would spread the word of their “generous offer” among my friends and also anyone on the internet who was considering a new oven. And now I’m in the market for a new oven myself. I refuse to keep throwing good money into a really bad product. And obviously DACOR isn’t interested in supporting their defective products.

  118. I recently cleaned the keypad on my RV-46 downdraft vent with circuit board cleaner, (worked great) but now when I turn the vent off the blower does stop and the vent lowers, but it comes right back up. Would this be the lower limit switch?

  119. My Dacor oven range has been a big disappointment! I’ve had many repairs and I am starting to give up. Currently the smaller of the ovens doesn’t work at all (broiler or bake) and the larger side only bakes, but the door doesn’t shut all the way and therefore cannot run the self-clean mode. If anyone can help me with the door problem I would appreciate it. As for the other two issues, I’m sure I’ll have to call out a repairman out once again.

  120. I have had a Dacor range for a few years now…and while it performs well, I have had terrible experiences in trying to them to stand behind the quality of their product. The front control plate on the range cracked within the first year. After a lengthy back and forth to get a replacement, we had to pay for the replacement (or some portion of it), if you sell yourself as a high-end company, this seems odd not to want to fix an issue with manufacturing. Well as you may have guessed, a year or so later, the plate cracked again. This time, again after a lengthy delay, we had to pay for another plate but this time the kit came with some modifications to the cooktop, presumably to fix the root cause of the plate -cracking problem (although there was no admittance to that on their part). Well a couple of years have gone by and…surprise, the plate is cracked again and more cracks appear and grow. So at this point we have given up. As soon as we have some money saved we will kick this dud to the curb and buy something other than a Dacor…They can’t seem to get a handle on their Quality issues and don’t seem to care.

  121. We had our Dacor Renaissance Oven for over 9 months before we needed to clean it.When we did, the inner surface pitted and the electronics started malfunctioning.

    After contacting customer service, and with a little persistence, Dacor replaced the oven promptly. Overall it took about 3 weeks to get it all done. The experience was disappointing but defects happen. I believe Dacor is trying and their heart is in the right place.

    You may have to remind them of that if you don’t get the service you deserve, but I think they will respond.We like the product and it is performing well now.

  122. I have a Dacor Epicure ERD36 dual fuel range that has been a nightmare. I have had to replace the circuit board twice, the control board once, the electric oven element once, I just repalced the ignitor 3 weeks ago, and now the oven just stops heating for some reason. I wish I had replaced it the first time something went wrong because of the amount of money I have dumped in to keeping it working.

  123. we have a dacor wall oven that was in the house when we purchased it three years ago.Oven was out in in 2005,Went to use the self clean function ,the door lock ,locks and then unlocks.Continues doing this until f8 code flashes. Oven never comes on,Replaced door lock,same results.I’m a 12 year tech but no experence on dacor appliances.Any thoughts?

  124. I am worried. My Dacor Microwave destroyed itself (scorched waveguide when the klystron blew up – after 3 years.) I replaced it for $250 with a Panasonic Genius Prestige from Amazon – next day delivery. Excellent appliance!! Now, on to my RSD30S Dacor oven. The face plate is, of course, cracked and crumbling. But now, it developed 2 more problems – well, 3 counting the ignighters that often screw up. The bake element just quit working and there is a fan in the oven that will not turn off (unless you turn off the circuit breaker. I guess I need to set a limit of how much money I will throw at this. The feedback on the web indicates that an alarming number of people are having endless, expensive and frustrating experiences with their Dacor ovens. Is Dacor even monitoring this forum anymore? it has been 2 1/2 years since they posted anything. It is tempting to just jerk the oven out and buy something with a proven track record of success instead of continuing with the Dacor (with a proven track record of costly repairs and frustration.) Of course, the oven light does not work. Every time I replace it, it just blows out shortly thereafter.

  125. We are remodeling our Kitchen soon and were just about ready to purchase a 36 in. Dacor gas cook top, 15″ downdraft unit, and wall oven / convection Microwave. After reading all the negative comments from Dacor owners I think we might do better to stick with the Thermador brand. We have had 27 years of service with out a problem. One of the reasons we did like the Dacor was that the downdraft ventilation system does not take up as much room under the cabinet which allows for deeper drawers. The Dacor line we were going to buy is the Renascence. Has Dacor improved any or solved some of the problems over the recent years. Any suggestions other than Themador

  126. We bought a house with a Dacor range – ERSD36. I believe the range was installed when the house was built in 1998. It’s a beautiful range but the functionality leaves alot to be desired. I tried to use the cleaning cycle shortly after we moved in and ended up locking the door and never did get it to clean. I considered myself lucky to get it unlocked and have cleaned it manually ever since. The baking is a little uneven and the ignitors continue to click after they’re lit. They generally stop after the burner has been going a while. About a week ago we got an f0 code on the display. We reset it and the code cleared and everything still worked. Supposedly that’s a stuck key but none of them seemed to be stuck. The f0 code came back several times but I could reset it and use the oven. It also beeped randomly and there would be no code. Tonight the f0 code came back but it wouldn’t clear so I reset the breaker. After the breaker reset the panel is blinking with only parts of numbers lit and if I press any key it starts beeping and the only way to stop it is to reset the breaker. Any idea what part this might be? And is it worth replacing?

    • not sure but it sounds like the circuit board .the part alone will cost over $300.00, if you are able to install yourself. It is not easy, I did it ,took 4 hours and I have some repair experience. If you have it installed by someone it will be close to a thousand $, my advice- replace with another brand (not sure which-anythingnbut Dacor)

  127. I have a Dacor wall oven which has not worked well since we purchased it new 5 years ago. I have more than one undercooked turkey during holiday gatherings. My hundred dollar toaster oven makes a better cake. Now we have a u50 error code displayed and the oven will not turn on at all. The repair is estimated at $650. We built a new house and I thought I was treating myself to a high end oven. Not a happy customer. After reading the comments listed here, wondering if the repair will even solve the problem. Wall oven model mov1305 Electric. Anyone have any ideas how I can reset the door latch?

  128. I have had a Dacor range, retractable hood, wall oven since 2010. They functioned well for a few months after which the panel clock on the oven control board started losing digits, the whole panel buckles if I use a temperature higher than 400 degrees F. It does not brown uniformly either on the “bake” or “convention/bake” modes. The range does not heat water nowhere near the “few minutes” advertised and promised. The retractable hood was not efficient and made unreasonably much noise from the very beginning. I did contact Dacor. They did send the repair company of their choice to take a look. They replaced the oven electronic board and tried a cheap fix on the hood that was not properly installed (by their distributors/installers) to begin with. In conclusion I would advise everyone thinking of spending a lot of money on high end appliances to stay away from Dacor.

  129. I have a weird issue with a Dacor Epicure double oven. Some buttons on one set of electronic controls don’t work. Other buttons work fine. The control panel for the second oven works fine. Anyone experience this or have any advice? Based on the reviews, I am a bit scared to repair things, as I am afraid to break other stuff…

  130. Dishwasher keeps beeping incessantly.
    Tried pushing power button, it goes off half a second then back on.
    New house, all Dacor kitchen, moved in September.

  131. The igniter on our decor rain has stopped working we can’t figure out why. Can anyone please help

    • Katherine francis
    • Posted December 11, 2015 at 11:32 am
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    I am another victim of the failed entertainment system
    It worked for less than 1 year and has been sitting in the space designed for it not working for years
    For the price of these units and the failure rates and subsequent going out of business of the manufacturers is inexcusable for ads or to not step up for its customers
    Has there been anyone who has gotten one of these units fixed?
    Any movement on class action suit?

  132. I have had two sets of Dacor wall oven, microwave and warming drawer in the last 10 years, in two different houses. I had to replace both microwaves twice (so four in all), and the current one (the second since 2010 in this house) is not behaving exactly right. The probe in the oven also gives erratic results. Never, ever again. The appliances look good, but the quality, especially of the very expensive microwaves, is appalling. If the oven breaks down, I will rip everything out, which means a redesign of major parts of our kitchen, and buy a range from another manufacturer.

  133. Our Dacor RSD305 gas range has a poorly designed/built handle that breaks very easily. Every new handle is about $140 delivered. Dacor should re-design and provide a free replacement, it would be the ethical thing to do and even the most profitable as those with this product will never buy Dacor again. They do not care however.

    Dacor has a absolutely horrible net reputation. SO many complaints and disgruntled, so so many.

    It’s almost like a little alarm clock in the kitchen, a reminder, DO NOT BUY DACOR.

    Best of luck fellow unhappy customers, the luck of the draw this time went against us.

  134. I have a Dacor Epicure 36″ Dual Fuel Range and the oven will not heat. I’ve read there is a resettable breaker behind the grill just above the oven opening. I took the 4 screws off and found two thermostatic breakers just to the right and back of center. I pushed both red buttons and the one on the left i could feel click. Oven still does not heat. I paid $5,000 for this stove 12 years ago. I would think for the money there are cheaper stoves that are more reliable; like the one we got rid of during remodeling. I live in Montana where the dealer went out of business and repair people that know what they are doing are hard to find. Does anybody have an idea of what to test to find a solution?

  135. Starting to think Dacor products look nice and are awful. I have problems with my ed24 dishwasher. Control board went bad and so I replaced it and now a month later I fear it’s gone bad again. The normal light and start stop lights just keep flashing and it’s beeping randomly. It will be off and just starts flashing and beeping. What the heck?

  136. I have a DCM24R microwave oven. It just stopped working. I ran all the diagnostics and can find nothing wrong internally. The cord however is another story. This oven has two cords joined at a metal box on the back of the oven. When plugged in independently they read 120 volts. when joined together as originally designed I only get a reading of 1.7 volts or so. What is up with that?

  137. I have a dacor ETT365 and I need to replace one of the elements. How do I remove the cooktop glass to gain access to the elements? Appreciate anyone’s guidance.

  138. I have a Dacor ECS136SCH with a very loose door handle. How do I tighten it? Yes I can go in from the bottom with some very long phillips screwdriver setup (extended o about 30+”), but is there another way and if so, what are the steps?

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